How to use “Save on Event” to capture intermittent interfering signals with the Field Master Pro MS2090A


This video explains how to setup the ‘Save on Event’ function on the Field Master Pro MS2090A. This function automatically saves spectrum traces which violates a user defined amplitude limit. This limit can be automatically created by the Field Master Pro MS2090A making the user’s life easier. When applying this limit (limit envelop), any traces crossing the limit would be automatically saved in memory, one-by-one, and will be post processed. This will allow for later use and will be recalled on the screen, if needed. The video details how to create a limit and which functions to be used in the different menus of the Field Master Pro MS2090A. This will allow to successfully configure the spectrum analyzer. Embedded screen recording videos detail the whole process for the spectrum analyzer and the real-time spectrum analyzer as well, with or without including a spectrogram plot. It also shows how to recall one of the traces saved in memory into the Field Master Pro MS2090A remote software for post processing, so the user can add missing markers etc.