Pulse Measurement Capability


Cutting Edge Pulse Measurement Capability with VectorStar B Series VNAs Pulsed S-parameter and related measurements are critical for many common applications, including test of radar sub-systems and components. In addition, pulsed measurements are often necessary for on-wafer device characterization, where pulsed operation is required for thermal reasons. Historically engineers have often had to face several test challenges including: too many test method trade-offs; a need for better analysis tools; inability to monitor pulse behavior over long periods of time; the need to eliminate measurement setup errors; and, timing and synchronization issues. The new Anritsu VectorStar MS4640B series of vector network analyzers, equipped with Option 035 IF Digitizer and Option 042 PulseView™, addresses these challenges, and provides: —An innovative, high-speed digitizer architecture —The industry’s highest resolution measurements (2.5 ns) —Long record lengths (500 ms) —Independent measurement receiver windows —An intuitive graphical configuration tool —Instant results on measurement parameter changes VectorStar MS4640B – now with pulse measurement capability, delivers confidence on the cutting edge.